Valentine’s Day

In 8 years I had 3 relationships but I never celebrate Valentine’s Day (was not something attractive for my partners)…

I always think in the little details you can demonstrate your love and can make your day better and don’t need to be just an special day for say to your lover how much you adore him/her, but, in this special day is extra nice to hear or see how much you mean for that person.

I was giving up to all the romance, to all that details I dream to receive from my other; I was not having that “other” until the beginning of this month…

Today the history is other and I wake up with the man I love, looking me in the webcam (LDR), telling me how much he love me, how beautiful I’m, how lucky he is to be with me and more (like he is doing all the time); I wake up when he was drawing a portrait of us and preparing a special playlist for me with the first song he wrote for me; I wake up with their smile and all the love a woman can feel and with my mind thinking “I have what I was dreaming for so long time, someone loving me just like I’m”.

So for all the dreamers and lovers in this World I just can say: Never give up! Because in some place of this Universe is someone waiting for see your soul and give you the love you dream… Just what was happen to me ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pepa Gómez



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