35 Amazing and Surrealist Places to Visit before you Die!

My month of travels is almost here and I can not explain how excited I’m 😀

Today reading the news I found this amazing article about this 35 places to visit. Immediately I thought I need to go there ASAP because they are magical and absolutely gorgeous! and for my surprise one of them is included in my next trip!

1082134071 Pamukkale-Travertenleri-4

This is the link with the 35 places so everyone can see how beautiful is this World.


I can just say to everyone never stop to believe in you and in what do you want to do with your life; enjoy how much as you can and be surrounded with people who will make your life better and full of joy. We are the owners of our destiny and we can do everything we want if we are able to work for that.

One of my dreams will not be more a dream after April and I’m so proud and happy for that 😀

Kisses to everyone and a very good week.


Pepa Gómez


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