A couples of things…

I have a couple of things to say so the best way for me is make a list, so here I go:

– After almost 3 most of started my blog (36 post later) I can just be mesmerized because this week the estadistic said my blog was looking 1015!… how I can not be more them grateful?! I was not having any idea people would be interesting in what I write because I did initially this just for me, like a way for exprese all my thought I always have with me, so to all are expending time dedicated their attention to this a huge TRANK YOU! (gracias, obrigado, merci, tak, etc.) .

– From today I just have one week until my next travel adventure with one of my best chilean friend for one month! I’m beyond excited and ready for this week prepare my last things (part of that online with my friend who is in Chile).

– Yesterday I did a major step at work for what I want for my future so I will pray for that and for the new steps are coming (I hope soon).

– And I need to comment what happened with the Germanwings airline, the co-pilot and what he did. I can not imagine how bad you need to be for forget all your principles and kill in such a terrible way so many innocents; I’m kind of obssesive with this news because I will travel soon many times in on month and more because I know how is live with depression and not take care of that. Are so many things in my mind about all this, about the victims, the families, the air family; about how bad you can be if you not treat yourself for a mental/soul problem and how “normal” can be to the point anyone see how bad you are until happens the worst…

So this post is essencially for say thank you, for be grateful for all is happening in my life, for be excited, for tell you to follow your heart, your dreams and what do you want and for more then everything for tell you PLEASE TAKE CARE YOUR SOUL, YOUR MIND AND YOUR HEART FOR ALL THE SICKNESS, BADNESS AND PAIN IS AROUND US.

Take your life in your hand and fight for her with all you have!





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