Is been a long time from my last post and the main reason is because I’m living one of my dreams and trying to enjoying and living the experience how much I can with ALL me.

In this moment I’m in Greece, Mykonos for be more precisely and like the name of this post, I feel many things are moving inside of me and not just my body. So far I been in Spain, Turkey and now Greece; I been sick (actually I’m recovery from a gastroenteritis), I been lost, sad, stupidly happy and more important then everything being ME trying to live with my angels and demons, loving both sides and growing up with them.

I meet amazing people, learn about cultures, look so many smiles, share life, eat amazing food and all that in the company of one of my life’s angels (my friend).

I’m so grateful and happy for this so like always said to everyone, live your life like you dream and be honest with you and specially your inter “self”.

Good week to everyone! (I’m still traveling so if you want to follow my step look my Instagram and you can see a little of my adventure).


Pepa Gómez 










Manorism this weekend

My lovely people, I need to remember to everyone (before I start my journey tomorrow) not forget “the Manorism event” this weekend… WILL BE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

I will not be there (I’m so sad!) and I would love to see all the brilliant works “in situ” but unfortunately I can’t (I will be in Spain) so please, to all the people can go, don’t question about that and enjoy so many pieces from this talented artists, ALL IN THE SAME PLACE.

I will let here a link from “Graffotto Blog” so you can see this from other perspective 😉

Link for this event with all the details:

This is one of the pics in the post with the work of my MNKY 😀


2015-04-01 17.02.09

Go and enjoy 😉

Pepa Gómez