Twenty:15 Exhibition in Bristol for 1 week!

I need to talk about this event Twenty:15.聽Like all who know me I always support artists, because I love all the different way to expressions and this exhibition is a good example of variety and talent.

I know about this because my talented BF is one of the artist;聽Mark Hooley aka MNKY (MnkyVision)聽created the theme “Exist, Endangered, Extinct” 馃檪 and I’m particularly proud of this work because is strong message for what is happening now; like all we know, we are living in the Earth like we will have seconds chances but this World can end with all the resources and the life is there and that is what is happening and if we don’t have conscientes, we definitely will be regret.

You can see a little more of the creative process of the pieces in his blog and the inspiration for do this聽(MnkyVision Blog)聽and if you are close to Bristol or there don’t miss one week of beauty and talent.

This is my favorite (specially the expresion of the eyes); choose yours 馃槈



Pepa G贸mez


Manorism this weekend

My lovely people, I need to remember to everyone (before I start my journey tomorrow) not forget “the Manorism event” this weekend… WILL BE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

I will not be there (I’m so sad!) and I would love to see all the brilliant works “in situ” but unfortunately I can’t (I will be in Spain) so please, to all the people can go, don’t question about that and enjoy so many pieces from this talented artists, ALL IN THE SAME PLACE.

I will let here a link from “Graffotto Blog” so you can see this from other perspective 馃槈

Link for this event with all the details:

This is one of the pics in the post with the work of my MNKY 馃榾


2015-04-01 17.02.09

Go and enjoy 馃槈

Pepa G贸mez

35 Amazing and Surrealist Places to Visit before you Die!

My month of travels is almost here and I can not explain how excited I’m 馃榾

Today reading the news I found this amazing article about this 35 places to visit. Immediately I thought I need to go there ASAP because they are magical and absolutely gorgeous! and for my surprise one of them is included in my next trip!

1082134071 Pamukkale-Travertenleri-4

This is the link with the 35 places so everyone can see how beautiful is this World.

I can just say to everyone never stop to believe in you and in what do you want to do with your life; enjoy how much as you can and be surrounded with people who will make your life better and full of joy. We are the owners of our destiny and we can do everything we want if we are able to work for that.

One of my dreams will not be more a dream after April and I’m so proud and happy for that 馃榾

Kisses to everyone and a very good week.


Pepa G贸mez

Manorism Event, amazing street art exhibition

I was missing to come here and write but I was quite busy organized my things for my next steps (work, exercises, travels and love) but I’m glad to be here again so here I go… I want to share with you guys the “Manorism Event” (, an amazing street art聽exhibition聽organized by Pablo Fiasco who describe this like this:

“Manorism is an exhibition of street art taking place in, on and around a large warehouse space in Manor House, North London. We will have artists from Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Democratic Republic of Congo, America and the UK who will create a series of pieces for the walls of the warehouse especially for this exhibition. The event will also include an exhibition of smaller works, film showings, live music, DJ’s and a bar. Some artists include are Kenor, Zosen Bandido, Vinnie Nylon, Pure Evil, Pablo Fiasco, Mary Yacoob, Lapiztola Stencil, Dotmasters, Mudwig, Paris, Kate Merry, Req, Disastronaut, Mary Yacoob, Cedoux Kadima, MNKY, Dan Johnson, FiST, and more”. One of the reason because I want to share this is because my handsome is one of the artist (MNKY) 聽馃榾 and in this moment is working painting “The Mandril”, one unique piece he created for the 25 year of the Rainforest Foundation UK. Here is the Piece he donated for the auction in that time: 6901860And here is how is already looking the new one: 2015-03-18 13.18.56The exhibition is open to the public over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend: 3rd to 5th April, 2015 and if you are in London or close to the city you MUST need to go (unfortunately I will be in Spain in that dates but you can enjoy for me too). Hope you enjoy street art how much like me 馃槈 See you guys and a great week for everyone! Pepa G贸mez

Pure Pleasure… Solo Dance with Sergei Polunin

For people like me who love dance (especially contemporary) this is completely beautiful and powerful… I hope everyone enjoy so much like I did… GORGEOUS SOLO! with聽one of the best聽Ukrainian ballet聽dancers,聽Sergei Polunin; “Take me to Church” by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle.

Good day people!

Pepa G贸mez


I love tattoos, what can I said and is good to start the week with something “nice”… I love any art expression but I think this is one of my favourites especially when this have a meaning.

I always wanted to do something but I never had the courage (I’m not good with needles or free pain) and like I said I don’t like to do that just because is trendy, I need something more and like is so difficult to choose one, I wait in the meantime of my confort zone and appreciate what other are doing.

Specially for ladies or guys with good taste I post this link where you can found handsome guys with amazing works 馃槈

If you want to see more, you can go to my Pinterest tattoos board too.